I'd like to pay for the repairs.

You never told me that before.

God's will first.

You're good.

"Please, I never ask you for anything." "That's not true. You ask me for things all the time."

Pierce gave Merton some brandy.

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The Prime Minister has resigned.

This bridge is in New York.

How much time do we have?


Please let me explain.

For a long time I have wanted a mother, just like other boys.

I knew what to expect.

I had a job when I was your age.

He's a doctor of good reputation.

More or less, he is crazy.

It is a counterintuitive fact that light objects fall to earth just as quickly as heavy ones.

It has been raining since Tuesday.

Rome abounds with relics.


New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art is also known as "The Met."

I need another drink.

What are some foods you usually eat with your fingers?


We came to a turn in the road.


Who are they exactly?

Sandip cut himself while shaving.

You don't even have to explain.

I think Josip is uninteresting.

Time goes so quick.

Give me more milk!

Do you know how many people turned up at the dance last week?

They set the prisoner at liberty.

I said I wouldn't worry.

When Columbus discovered America, bison (American buffalo) inhabited a wide-ranging area.

I have a terror of heights.

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When I told him that, he was very much embarrassed.


Someone has unplugged the washing machine.

Every Saturday we clean the whole house.

His secret will be disclosed soon.

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We met through a mutual friend in Boston.

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Meet me there.

The practice should be done away with.

He carried the box upstairs.


He just recently introduced his new girlfriend to his mother.

Who will go get the pide?

They made the same mistake again.

Slavery is a crime against humanity.

No one shall ever say.


Don't show this to Sergiu.

We watch TV every day.

Go get a beer.

They do know what they're doing.

I suggest you study French.

When you think of something, tell me.

She carried off all the prizes.

Kevyn is the most beautiful girl I know.

What's your favorite spring flower?

You'd better not do anything like that again.

For now, my sister is working as a cashier at the supermarket.

When will Glynn come home?

Germany is introducing temporary border controls with Austria to reduce the number of migrants coming into the country.

You have as much right as everyone else.

She insisted that he play the piano.


Brender is a good employee. He gets things done quickly and efficiently.

The Miami Heat won the NBA championship.

You need some cough syrup and aspirin.

Will you take part in the ceremony?

The earthquake caused a tsunami of immense size.

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Did you get my messages?

Why are girls so complicated?

I ran into a deer.

Tim stood all by himself.

He only knows how to strum the guitar.

I could have gone to college, but I decided not to.

Tomorrow is not promised.

We were surprised by his behaviour.

I like to praise Susumu.

What is the most powerful prayer in the world?

This could be just what I've been looking for.


You haven't even tried.


Nature is a complicated philosophy.

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Is Maureen trying to ruin our evening?

That's what you always do.

Dick forced me to agree with his plan.

The enemy launched an attack on us.

He doesn't work here now, but he used to work here.

I've decided to leave my work at the end of the month.

I told Ian that you'd want to know.

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The Romans spoke Latin.

He snuck up on him in the middle of the night.

It depends on what you mean.

I delight in going to the apple orchard each fall.

Their ship is still in port.


That is a new story to me.

Maureen is going to Boston this spring.

Shishir has been correcting a lot of sentences lately.

Travis came to Japan for the first time when he was three.

Did I ever tell you about him?


This letter's for you.

What would you do if your house was haunted?

Audrey had better be careful what he says.

You better go.

Are you sure this is the place we're supposed to be?

Would you like to buy some lemonade?

I haven't the time to read.

People with no humour are like meadows without flowers.

Briggs looked for a school for boys.

My fingers are all inky from the tragic calligraphy accident.

Samuel should've known.

There's a rich man sleeping on a golden bed.

Sales are down.

Fresh fruit is good for your health.

It has been snowing on and off.


Perhaps we should consider what would happen if we don't do this.

My budget is tight.

Can I get you some tea?

I'm here to rescue her.

Not a sound was to be heard in the concert hall.


I need an envelope, a piece of paper, and a pencil or a pen.


I talked to the new manager, I arranged everything.

Did Gunter ask you about that?

I've worked with Will for three years.

This English composition is far from perfect.

Lanny knew what Ramadoss had told him wasn't true.

He went to the station out of breath.

This is a perfect place for us to pitch our tent.

That was the scary part.

He was afraid of hurting her.

Let's face it, he's not going to change his mind.

Our country abounds in products.

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They missed a lot.

This is a very big deal.

How is the food?

It was clear what he was trying to go.

Woody was a little disappointed.

There is no mother that doesn't love her children.

I'll be with you as soon as I finish my dinner.


Can anyone answer my question?

What is it with you and him?

Can you move this desk by yourself?

My brother has recently taken a fancy for stoats.

I don't usually have to work on Sundays.

Glen reads the newspaper on the train on his way to work.

I had some fun.

You can buy stamps at any post office.

Did Judge get the message?


Give me that phone back.

This is pseudoscience.

I'm sure we'll make it all right.


In that case, we've got a problem...

Clare is an honest boy, so he doesn't tell lies.

I am familiar with the geography of this town.

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Not only did we go to Paris, but we also went to Rome.

The twins are so much alike that I can not distinguish one from the other.

His remark gave rise to trouble.

It took me some time to persuade her.

That's what interests me.

Peace will come to us in time.

The performing seals come on next.

Can't you do it any faster?

I'm very sorry to have troubled you.

My mother is not at home.

I would rather walk than wait for the next bus.

I think I have a pretty good idea what Gregory might be doing right now.

He is unrivaled in bravery.


I'm still in love with him.


Would you care to try?

What hotel are you staying at?

She is wise beyond her years.

It meant something to me.

I gave him a warning, to which he paid no attention.


Mats chose well.